Recruitment International Mobility (RIM) is the ripened fruit of a tree planted and nurtured with over 60 years of combined experience, knowledge and genuine appreciation for human relations. President, Michel Lemieux’s proven organizational development skills and long standing client relations with Canadian corporate titans, found a complementing match in Vice-President, Patrick Keravec and his long standing run as a Vice-President of Human Resources spread across 31 years and 4 continents. Together they planted this seed that has flourished and expanded beyond borders with one mission in mind: To help piece together the right components and accelerate your business growth, one branch at a time.

Michel Lemieux President


Michel has a bachelor’s degree in industrial relations and a certificate in business management carried over 25 years of experience in organizational change. His reputation was built on coordinating activities that target new business opportunities and customers by building and sustaining long term relationships with Canadian companies. Michel’s skills range from implementing effective management strategies within HR for executives, managers and supervisors, to developing internal programs to improve and consolidate top management teams and employees.


Patrick Keravec Vice President


Vice President
Trained as a lawyer, Patrick spent 31 years as a director of human resources within international groups across four continents. He is a consultant and trainer in human resources coordinating and developing market shares in Europe, Asia, and North Africa. He specializes in strategic and operational human resources, recruiting key ressources on an international wingspan. His skills range from jobs and key skills management, key positions, succession plans as well as facilitating the establishment of SMEs in Canada and implementing HR risk reduction and crisis management. As a key role, he coaches individuals or groups (executives, management team, HR team ) and offers strategic support for companies and training for human resources teams and/or management teams.



RIM has garnered success by studying the anthropology behind professional organisms in order to appeal to the humanity behind the brass doors. We take the time to fully comprehend the social mechanics that make the corporate wheels turn and are meticulous in recruiting specialized workforce that share the vision, philosophy and long term objectives of each enterprise in order to assemble long standing and effective teams.

Our value system is at the core of our business ethic, which provides our customers, employees, and partners with security and trust. In other words, we practice what we preach by honoring the values of professionalism, independence, integrity, loyalty, confidentiality and discretion.

RIM will invest time in analyzing companies’ strengths and weaknesses in order to form an experienced and well-trained workforce. We believe that situating key players in strategic positions can be the ultimate secret to building a successful enterprise and can prove to be both cost and time efficient.

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